A watercolor illustration of a blank canvas by Kris Avilla
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The Beginning of an Artist Journey: From Graphic Design to Illustration

2020: Thank you for the lessons, but don’t let the door hit you on the way out.  2021: Thank you for the fresh start. Over the last several months, I’d started to transition into more illustration work, coming from 5+ years of working as a graphic designer. During my years in art school, studying fine …

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Revisiting “The Artist’s Way” Journey for Creative Inspiration in 2020

For the beginning of 2020, I decided to revisit the life-changing book, (which is more like a workbook for creatives and artists), “The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. I picked it up and completed the 12 weeks of tasks about seven years ago, and in hindsight, it’s really what sparked me to take my creative …

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Creative Inspiration #5

Art & Design Inspiration Roundup The ARTLABguide’s dose of curated works, from contemporary fine art, to illustration, and the numerous fields of design to inspire you to find the creative in the everyday and fuel your creative habit. Hey LABgeeks! This week’s inspiration has inspired by The Futur’s Young Guns Season 2, which aired it’s …

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What is the ARTLABguide?

Aside from being the official blog to my creative studio, ARTLABkma–the ARTLABguide is a place to document the business of design, creativity, entrepreneurship, and everything in between.   If I were to describe my creative and business practice it would be this:   The business of design is to make the world a better place. …

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Just Keep Going

I have a confession to make: 10 years ago I gave up on Graphic Design too soon. So this post is for young designers or anyone just starting out. If you’ve been thinking to start something of your own or really want to pursue your passion, whether in a business or through freelance, even if …

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What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Happy 2019–Hope you all had a happy holidays and a great first week into the new year! I took some time during and after the holidays to not only rest and relax as well as catch up with family and friends, home life, but also take some time to plan and reflect over the last …

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How to Create More Time for What Matters Most and Design your Day to Win

See what I did there? As a freelance designer, it was only more recently that I realized I could also design my days as opposed to taking things as they come. We’ve all been there, days where you felt super busy (and tired) after a long day, but sat back and thought, where did my …

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10 Amazing Podcasts to Help You Jump-start your Creative Career

It’s been almost 7 years since Tom and Donna of Parks and Rec gave us the greatest holiday of all time: Treat Yo Self. While I am definitely an advocate and celebrate this holiday, I updated my “Treat Yo Self” version for 2018: “Invest In Yo Self.” Deciding that 2018 would be the year of investing …

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