Just Keep Going

I have a confession to make: 10 years ago I gave up on Graphic Design too soon. So this post is for young designers or anyone just starting out. If you’ve been thinking to start something of your own or really want to pursue your passion, whether in a business or through freelance, even if […]

Ube & Co. – Finding your Target Audience

“Who Should Know” Experimenting with some photography options while working on designing the new brand identity. During the research and discovery phase, there’s a lot of digging to do and asking the right questions. Aside from getting to know your client and their business and/or industry, you’ve got to know their audience and who they’re […]

Ube & Co. – Research & Discovery

A note about Pinterest and mood boards. When Pinterest first came out, it was more of a passtime for me, just going through all the beautiful pictures, and saving ideas for interiors, or art works for inspiration. Now, it’s one of my go-to tools for designing, especially for developing a brand identity and identity design. […]

Ube & Co. – The Creative Brief

Hey designers–what tools do you use when creating your design brief? Do you have a template, a questionnaire, or an app that you use when gathering info for your creative briefs? It’s been a busy week of work, but I can’t complain 🙂 I’m starting to post some behind the scenes of my design process […]

Meet the Client: Ube & Co.

Hope you guys are having a Happy Friday! In my last post, I shared the basics of “Designing Brand Identity” in these four questions: “Who are you? Who needs to know?How will they find out?Why should they care?” I’ll be doing a deep dive into each one as I document my creative/design process. This post I’ll […]

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