Designing Brand Identity

“Who are you? 
Who needs to know?
How will they find out?
Why should they care?”

This one is for the Identity Designers out there!

These essential questions provide a powerful framework for building a brand and are key to @alinawheeler’s book, “Designing Brand Identity”. This is a must have resource for anyone working with brands, building a brand, is part of a marketing team, an identity designer, or designer in the identity space. As I dive into it, I’m learning as I go. I’m happy to announce an exciting new branding project in the works, and the team I’m working with has agreed for me to be able to document the process, and help spread the word for them.

I’ll be doing a deep dive of these questions in upcoming posts “Meet the Client” as well as a break down of “The Creative Design Brief.”

If you haven’t already seen it, @FarmDesign does a superb job of walking you through this process in their @adobelive series ( and revealing their secret sauce to their branding. It’s totally changed the way I go about my design process, and I combine their brandscapes and @thefuturishere’s stylescapes when capturing the essence of a brand I’m building. I’ve been studying these for upcoming branding identity projects.