Meet the Client: Ube & Co.

Hope you guys are having a Happy Friday! In my last post, I shared the basics of “Designing Brand Identity” in these four questions:

“Who are you? 
Who needs to know?
How will they find out?
Why should they care?”

I’ll be doing a deep dive into each one as I document my creative/design process. This post I’ll be going into more detail about, “Who Are You?”, a research & discovery phase. After getting a lead and agreeing to work together, I would go and meet with the client in person (if they’re local) or at least have a video call. Not only would I get to know the client, but their business goals, and learn about who their intended audience is. I’d learn about their background, why they started their business, or if they’ve been in business, what they’d want to accomplish. All of this before jumping into design, let alone pencil or pen on paper!

A few weeks ago, my Dad told me of a new business venture he started with the family: baking mini ube cupcakes from scratch. (If you haven’t heard of ube or tried it, it’s a deep purple yam, and when cooked, has a sweet nutty rich vanilla flavor. The ube flavor has been a recent food craze especially in desserts and ice cream.) Last week they sent us their jarcakes to try (been savoring them since).

My dad, step mom, and brother and sisters looove food (yes, this apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!) especially sharing it together. A couple years ago, they’d taken me and wifey to try rolled ice cream in Chinatown when we visited them in NYC. Last summer, on a similar trip to NYC, they saw how ube ice cream and ube soft serve became so popular. Inspired by their love for food and wanting to share their experience, by recreating that for others, my step mom started experimenting with baking ube cupcakes. Not long after, their friends started making special requests, until recently over the holidays they began taking and delivering orders. What I love is that they make the ube and ube frosting from scratch. Despite a long preparation process, they didn’t want to sacrifice the taste or quality, to really capture the indulgent unique flavor of ube.