Ube & Co. – The Creative Brief

Hey designers–what tools do you use when creating your design brief? Do you have a template, a questionnaire, or an app that you use when gathering info for your creative briefs?

It’s been a busy week of work, but I can’t complain 🙂 I’m starting to post some behind the scenes of my design process in the IG stories, let me know what you think! Like and share if you think anyone would find the content helpful.

The 4 questions from ‘Designing Brand Identity’ provide a concise framework for the types of questions you need to ask and explore with and for your client. Essentially, it’s a tool to get everyone on the same page, both literally and figuratively. Usually, I would write these in a Google Doc, take notes on them during and after meetings. I’ve used a basic one from a logo design course I’d taken on Udemy and Lynda, but have also researched others and taken the most helpful questions I’ve found from each, and consolidated them into 1 document. These are some examples and screenshots of early templates I would use.

What was the main objective of this logo and branding project? Ube & Co. needed to establish their brand and business as it continues to grow in its early stages. They wanted a logo that was simple and modern, a brand that would reflect their Filipino heritage, and yet still be inclusive to a wider (and younger) audience. 

After the initial “meetings” and talks with my family, we soon realized they’d need more than just a logo, as they would be reaching out to local businesses and continue to get the word out there. I suggested that they have a whole brand identity system, some deliverables would include a new logo, a business card, stickers and/or boxes, flyers/posters, and basic social ads. And with this solution, I’d create a rough timeline for each of the items (some may be ongoing after this initial project).

After all of these are agreed upon, I would then dive deeper into the research and discovery process, collecting inspiration, developing mood boards and brandscapes/stylesapes, as well as brainstorming and sketching ideas.